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It all began in a very unassuming way. 
It’s no secret that prayer is essential to any great move of God, especially a revival. But many people here have had a vision or dream of a huge swathe of darkness that hung low and heavy over our city. 

One by one, bursts of light started to flicker and then ignite all over the map. As the gentle fires started growing and spreading, their light broke through where only solid darkness had once held firm. 

Light broke in like the arrival of the morning sun after a very long night. Revival is coming…

I thought about the for awhile, and I soon realized that God was showing this same vision to others in the body of Christ. That these bursts of light were groups of believers calling out to God, for more of Him, for revival. They were fires ignited by unrelenting uncompromising prayer.

It is happening right now in our city. Prayers that seek boldly for greater intimacy with Him and for a breakthrough of His Kingdom. Prayers that realize our own inadequacy in our own strength and His powerful sufficiency to revive a dying world. Prayers that long for the things on God’s heart, that are fueled as our hearts break for these things.

We’re adding to the re-kindling across our region by starting groups dedicated to pray for revival and an outpouring of God’s Spirit fresher and closer than ever before.

  • Tuesdays 10 AM-Noon in Ballantyne (meeting regularly on Tuesdays)
  • Saturdays 3-5 PM in Waxhaw area (2nd and 4th Saturdays)

Reach out to Walton Yuen at walton@thinkrevival.com. If you’d like to start a group, we can provide training and mentoring!


Sure, we’ve got wonderfully gifted facilitators for our Firestarters hubs. But the ultimate leader of these groups is the Holy Spirit! That means that Jesus gets to do what is on His agenda for the day, and that there is refreshing freedom in our prayer and worship.


In the book of Exodus, Moses tells God that he would rather stay in the desert with God than go into a land of abundance without His presence. That is our heart too. We want to seek and enjoy His presence in all we do but especially when His family gathers in Jesus’ name.


It’s the pattern in the Bible and in history: when God’s people cry out to Him in the middle of dark times, He enters into history with an outpouring of His Spirit…. He brings revival to the church and transforms the cities we live in. This is our basic heartcry and always on our minds.

Uplifting One Another

You can’t say you love God if you don’t love people. These prayer groups give ample opportunity to serve one another and to show Jesus’ love. It’s a place where folks can find healing and deliverance and hear His voice clearly. Let’s build up one another by His grace!

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