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From Sept. 2019 through April 2024

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Get Involved in the Charlotte Prayer Revival Movement

What could be more important and desperately needed in these days than a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit – a tangible manifestation of God – in every part of our world?

Our ministry aims to be a catalyst for historic revival to break out in our city, throughout our nation, and to the world. We are a team of revivalists put here by God in Charlotte to serve and encourage the Body of Christ. We seek to use every God-honoring and creative means available to capture the minds, hearts, and imagination of this generation to long for and to seek after this next great move of God.

Ignite your passion for revival today!

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Bringing Revival to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Beyond

Unifying the Body of Christ and Fostering Revival Through Prayer and Community Engagement.

Our Focus

Will you not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Show us Your unfailing love, LORD, and grant us Your salvation.

Psalm 85:6-7
Activate Prayer for Revival

We do this by offering:

• Opportunities for people to gather to pray for revival through Firestarter Prayer Groups around the city.

• Tools to serve every existing prayer group among the 2000+ churches in Charlotte. 

We want to pass along spiritual DNA that recognizes how broken we are and how desperately we need God to manifest His power and presence.

Gather Local Revivalists

Find them and bring them together for regular gatherings with the express intent to build a safe and encouraging community.

Why? In order to pray passionately for revival, to support one another’s callings, and to fend off Satan’s attacks. To tell our stories and remind each other that God has not forgotten His people.

We occasionally host “Heart for Revival” gatherings for local revivalists who desire to get recharged and refreshed.

Go Tell God’s Stories

Aslan is on the move! 

This is most certainly a fact, yet many folks live like that is not true at all. They’ve forgotten the stories or maybe never heard them at all. 

They need to hear how God has poured out His manifest presence into cities and nations in the darkest of days to awaken His people and transform hearts in the community. 

We need to tell God’s stories…
Will you join us?